Who Doo Charm Dolls

Who Doo Charm Dolls

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What can you doo with your Who Doo??


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Fishy Who Doo

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What is a Who Doo Charm Doll?


Who Doo Charm Doll Folk Art!

Who Doo Arts will like to clarify that the Who Doo Dolls are not Damnit Dolls. Who Doos and friends are pieces of Folk Art with a personality and purpose. (We had to keep explaining to people while we were doing these holiday shows that the Who Doos are here to manifest your dreams and ambitions..not to slam up against the wall..we are so much better than that.)

We want to spread good Southern Karma and let people take a little of South Carolina love home with them. They are meant to be hung on the wall like a piece of art and each is one of a kind. Who Doos are made from repurposed fabrics that have been painted or dyed. We do all the hand stitching on them and pay attention to each detail, like the button eyes and the appliqué designs. The Who Doos aren’t made in mass from a factory, they are done in generations of 8-10 and signed by the artist. It takes about 2 weeks to make a group of 10 Who Doos from start to finish.

Susan came up with the idea when a friend wanted a voodoo doll and decided it would be better to manifest good karma for the person who possessed the doll. And not bring bad luck to them by having a voodoo doll. They aren’t meant to be used as toys, but as a piece of art that gives back. By sewing on charms that mean something for the doll’s owner, this will help to manifest what that person wants in their life.


Who Doo Legend

(and there is always a Legend explaining the crazy carrying ons of Southerns)

Down in the low country of the Carolinas, deep in the salt water marshes, just as the pink and orange sunset touches the white egret’s wings and the blue crab’s claw, you may – if you’re lucky — catch a glimpse of the Who Doos skimming across the water’s surface to tease the splashing spotted trout, twirling to dance with the grumpy brown pelicans, or scuttling across the shell-encrusted sand to ride the hermit crabs.

The Who Doos are mystical folk, born of the love from a Southern grandmother’s hand-sewn quilt, of wishes from blown dandelions, and the laughter of seagulls. Legend has it that long ago, when the low country was lit at night by simply stars and candlelight, that the Who Doos would dance on the soft breeze of sweet dreams and heart-felt wishes.

One midsummer’s night, as the dolphins played tag in the moonbeams, a Who Doo named Suzie-Q smiled as she heard a kind whispered wish for a loved one’s safe return from war. “Let it be,” she whispered. And so it was.

Since that time, the Who Doos manifest occasional dreams and wishes from sincere folk of pure hearts. But take care, lest you wish upon a Who Doo doll, for our wishes can have consequences.

Designed and crafted in small batches of six to ten dolls per generation, Who Doo Dolls are native to the Carolinas. Each doll is uniquely hand-stitched from hand-painted up-cycled fabric and decorated with individually selected yarn, found objects, shells, and other trinkets. Find a Who Doo decked out with tingling bells or shiny sequins to keep away bad dreams or negative thoughts.

This tale was spun by Amy E. Anderson, with some help by Susan R. Sorrell

Greenville, SC 2014


Whoopi Doodle the Studio Poodle with her Who Doo!


Who Doo Art Dolls are born in the South, from scraps of painted cloth, colorful thread and magnolia breezes. They are here to help you manifest your dreams by adding charms that represent what you desire.

Each Who Doo Doll is unique and has a personality of its own. (Hand sewn and Painted fabrics) They are signed by the artist and are made in groups of 6-10 for each generation. Along with your Who Doo doll, you get your first charm to attach to your doll and if you want to hang it on the wall, attach a ring to the back. We like to think of our Who Doo dolls as art with the purpose to bring joy.

Sorrell and April

Ernest Rawlins Photography

Who Doo Charm Dolls

To Order, Pre-order or get a Custom Who Doo check out our market! https://squareup.com/market/whodooart

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